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Allizart combines the latest 3D technology to display GKs (models) on the website, so you can flip through different angles to zoom in and out, see your favorite angles, and get a preview of the model you're about to buy. We work with well-known studios who are licensed to produce models, where you will find many top-notch IPs, combined with NFT technology to protect every GK you purchase, and you can always exchange physical GKs through the designated link.In addition, we have added a different way to play Allizart. During the pre-order period, your pre-order will be a mystery box , and after a period of time, you will know if you have won.
Additionally, we introduce a unique way to engage with Allizart. During the pre-order period, your purchase becomes a blind box. After a specific timeframe, you will discover if you've won:

  • Winners can choose to receive a GK or resell it on the secondary market.

  •  Non-winners receive a special reward to use on our webstore. You can sell it back to the platform within the specified timeframe and receive a rebate of 100% of the original price, plus an additional amount determined for each tranche.

Through this exciting purchasing method, coupled with our immersive 360° 3D viewing experience, Allizart offers limited-edition authorized GK models and endless imagination and enjoyment.


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